Top most impressive gaming laptop today

Even without high as laptop sales are common, but, the gaming laptop is stability through regular upgrading needs of gamers worldwide. Also, every year, manufacturers have new ways to tweak hardware and design to attract consumers.

On the other hand, many players began to abandon traditional desktop toward mobile solutions, compact and more flexible in the future. Although the manufacturer has taken to the gaming laptop with more affordable prices, consistent with user segments but to get the best experience, gamers have spent no small budget a little yet. Here are the best form today gaming laptop.


The laptop with a strange brand to consumers in Vietnam, but, Schenker XMG U706 is the best gaming laptop available today. The machine is equipped with 17-inch screen, Full HD resolution IPS panel comes for good color display with wide viewing angle.

Top gaming laptop ấn tượng nhất hiện nay

About configuration, XMG U706 can change over individual needs, but at a basic level, the machine is equipped with Intel Core i7-6700K processor Skylake, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 980m and 4 SSD Samsung SM951.


In second place in this ranking is a representative coming from ASUS ROG, G751JY. Machines are equipped with Intel Core i7-4710HQ comes GTX 980m graphics card. The highlight of this machine is to support technology and NVIDIA G-Sync cooling system with minimum noise.

Top gaming laptop ấn tượng nhất hiện nay

G751JY owns 17 inches screen IPS panel with wide viewing angles and accurate color display with resolution at Full HD. The drawback of this device is probably located in a relatively low battery capacity, weighs 4.2 kg.


We can say that the GT72 2QE perfect replacement for GT72 2PE previous launches GTX 980m graphics card architecture new Maxwell. Thanks to the use of a new GPU, 2QE temperature was reduced and efficiency increased by 30% over the previous GTX 880m.

Top gaming laptop ấn tượng nhất hiện nay

Model configurations include Intel i7-5700HQ, 16GB RAM and 2 SSDs M.2 cost 2222 USD, a very attractive price for a gaming laptop.


On the gaming laptop market, Alienware models are always very much sought after, and at the same time, this product line is also very diverse in configuration and price.Alienware 15 newest version possesses very powerful configuration, but unfortunately did not use the card as the product GTX 980m above but to stay GTX 970M only. Even so, the machine will have more choices in addition to plug GPU but stop at 4x PCIe slot.

Top gaming laptop ấn tượng nhất hiện nay

The other specifications include Intel Core i7-4710HQ machine, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 15.6 inches Full HD resolution and scalable distributed relatively good hardware.


How to recognize the configuration of the laptop belonging to Schenker quite easily, XMG U506 U706 only change compared with a figure and the main specifications of the machine and change just like that. First we have a 15.6-inch screen (17 inches smaller than the U706), the Intel Core i5-6600K Skylake platform, GTX 980m graphics card, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD storage.

Top gaming laptop ấn tượng nhất hiện nay

Machine will be equipped with IPS screen with Full HD resolution and matte layers for resistance to glare extremely effective.


Long story about the integration of a physical keypad on a mobile machine will continue on the line of MSI GT80. Besides, what is the best in the world now has been used MSI favor on him “ugly” the.

Top gaming laptop ấn tượng nhất hiện nay

The first is the Intel Core i7-4980HQ with very high performance processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 980m SLI, 32GB of RAM and SSD storage up to 1TB. With such a configuration, GT80 ready to meet all current gaming needs.